is consulting and training company, we also provide services to advertisers with larger budgets. Since 2008, under an agreement with Google, provides training in Google AdWords advertising system.
We have trained more than 2000 businesses and individuals in Poland. During that time we published 2 books and 2 dvd sets with our trainings. Moreover:

  • - The largest SEO/SEM/PPC blog in Poland. We are allowed to translate from, SEL, SEJ.
  • - international SEO / PPC conference -  soon... Search Marketing Day 2015.
  • - during the year we organise two training events, which are conducted by the most known Internet advertising experts in Poland.

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We decided to use's knowledge to support and consult the promotion strategy building of our brand - ‘Swiat Zdrowia’ - with a particular focus on search marketing. We conclude with satisfaction that this cooperation results in income, which I think is the best recomendation.

Tomasz Goliński, Świat-Zdrowia SA actively supports our actions in promoting our clients' FMCG brands in search engines. SEO and PPC back-office support brings great effects.

Grzegorz Mogilewski, President of Max Weber Agency provides services of the highest standards. The real proffesionals – they know what they are doing.

Tomasz Drożdżyński,

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W cenie szkolenia otrzymasz od nas kupon o wartości 200zł na reklamę Google

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