About MaxROY.com Blog

It is a corporate blog by MaxROY.com
The Blog’s Mission:

  • Let English-speaking community of SEM know a few things about the specificity of Polish, Central and Eastern European market.
  • Reach people from top management CEE corporation and indicate them how crucial search engines marketing is in the strategy of companies.

The Blog’s Vision: Become a major Central and Eastern European corporate blog about search engine marketing and contextual advertising.

MaxROY.com is…

MaxROY.com is an consultant as well as training and marketing support provider enabling businesses to efficiently develop their activities in the area of Search Engine Marketing.

We focus on building up long-term strategies aimed at improving search engines and ad platforms presence. As our business partner, you will enhance your on-line existence and spot new marketing opportunities.

The power of MaxROY.com is a successful combination of tree different approaches to SEM such as: analytics & psychology, economic as well as science & research.
MaxROY.com is based in Poznań, Poland, CEE.

MaxROY.com founders and bloggers on this blog

Bartosz BerlińskigapBartosz Berliński — for a few years he has specialized in Search Engine Marketing with emphasis on Search Engine Optimization. He is responsible for planning and realization of advertising campaign analyze of efficiency and optimization of marketing operations as well as positioning of services using long tail method, among services of Allegro Group (the biggest ecommerce in Eastern Europe, bought by Napsters).

He is a co-author of researches and publications on SEM / Web Analytics. He’s a co-owner of advertising company MaxROY.com which offers consulting services on SEM. He’s interested in psychology of behaviour of search engines users.

Tomasz FrontczakgapTomasz Frontczak is an author of the bestseller Search Engine Marketing (In Polish: Marketing internetowy w wyszukiwarkach, Helion 2006).  It is the first book on Polish market that comprehensively discusses issues of promotion in search engines (over 4000 books sold). Tomasz Frontczak is also a co-owner of advising company MaxROY.com. Since 2006 he obtained the Google Advertising Professional certificate.

He cooperates with Institute of Management Engineering at Poznań University of Technology in group which does researches on agile enterprise and theory of opportunities. He’s interested in influence of mechanics of search engine marketing on agility of a company. He is also a co-editor of SprawnyMarketing.pl blog.

Cezary LechgapCezary Lech, so far, known as the editor of SprawnyMarketing.pl blog and the owner of GoldPosition.pl company. He is also an author of many articles and presentations on positioning, long tail positioning as well as some other facets of search engine marketing. Recently, he became a co-owner of consulting company – MayROY.com. Cezary Lech obtains the Google Advertising Professional certificate which confirms his knowledge of Google AdWords.