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Google AdWords Seminars in Poland – AdWords Seminar Leader was the first company in Poland to begin organizing Google Seminars for Success within AdWords Seminar Leader. has been selected by Google™ to conduct intensive seminars aimed at educating advertisers in the successful management and creation of Google AdWords campaigns.

In 2008 we trained over 300 people. We are happy to announce, that in 2009 we are going to continue trainings. Here is the list of upcoming seminars in Poland (conducted in Polish):

  • Lodz – 12 Feb 2009: AdWords Beginner and Intermediate
  • Gdansk – 03 March 2009: AdWords Beginner and Intermediate
  • Crackow – 12 March 2009: AdWords Beginner and Intermediate
  • Warsaw – 24 March 2009: AdWords Beginner and Intermediate
  • Warsaw – 25 March 2009: AdWords Advanced
  • Poznan – 1 April 2009: AdWords Beginner and Intermediate
  • Poznan – 2 April 2009: AdWords Advanced

Details and registration (in Polish):
Seminars Leaders form are also bloggers on’s blog: Bartosz Berliński, Tomasz Frontczak, Cezary Lech

Tomasz FrontczakBartosz BerlińskiCezary Lech

AdWords Seminar Leader

AdWords Seminar Leader is a training program on Google AdWords advertising, done by Google. So far, the trainings have taken place in United States. It is called there Seminars for Success and is given by the potentate of the market, for exemple (a company which most probably obtains all the certificates granted by Google) or London ROI Revolution which may be proud of its great blog among others on analytical systems Urchin and Google Analytics. Seminars for Success in the West include the range Google AdWords (beginners and intermediates), Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer.

The trainings are given within the confines of AdWords Seminar Leader program. They are organized and carried out by consultants who are neither connected nor employed by Google. Each consultant who carries out the training obtains a Google Qualified Individual certificate.

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