brand repuatation in search engines

Brand Reputation in Search Engines

Lies about your brand might be found in search engines. Protect your brand image in Search Engines. This time our cartoon character searches information about his favourite product – look, what happens when he find some false information.

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Somebody could blacken the product or the producer intentionally. Still, some negative opinions are not left on purpose – it could be a personal guess of a net surfer. As a result: it is sometimes easier to find negative blog post or newspaper news than an official information of producer, not to mention a bona fide academic debate about your product.

Of course, you can dispute with net-surfers’ opinions, but you can find some other ways to protect your properties and affect the perception of your brand in the search engines.

  • Create your own blogs, where you would deny unfair slanders, inform your clients about social responsibility and your events.
  • Update your website and support it with your sites-satellites.
  • Show all the best of your company – do not let your client overlook it.

Remember, that the satisfied client often conceals his good opinion and it would rather sink in the ocean of slander than see the day light.

Search Engine Brand Image Building is a necessary activity today. Still, some companies afford to fail to fulfill their duty of search engines branding. Their own website is sometimes less apparent than the commentaries left on the other sites. Build your presence on the Internet. Merge SEO and PR – you will see how effective synergy combination it is.

We wish all the companies such Search Engine results, as Zappos Inc. The true masterpiece – 90% of websites is under control of Zappos. Cartoon created by is under license: Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Poland License. If you want to place this cartoon on Your website, remember to attach a link to

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