CTR on SEO test

Does CTR have an influence on SEO?

I have already tackled the issue of CTR and its alleged influence on the results and positions of the websites in Google results on Sprawny.Marketing. It was several years ago in the article ‘How to increase click through rate (SERP CTR) of organic results? However, in the last few months the topic has been brought up again many times, mostly thanks to tests conducted by Rand Fsihkin from Moz as well as thanks to Bartkek Góralewicz, who has been exploring this issue more and more thoroughly in his broadly discussed articles.

Yesterday another text was published on Search Engine Land which summarizes Bartek’s point of view and the results of both his test and several other tests which have been made public and which refer to the following field: Is CTR A Ranking Factor In Organic Results?

I conducted a similar test on 23rd July during Live TVIP webinar, which gathered over 300 people and approximately 250 participants carried out a test which I requested during the broadcast:

Cezary Lech SEO expert

The test was as follows: I asked everyone from the audience to type at the same time query “Instagram Marketing” in Google, change default settings to Polish language and click the link at the 3-4 position (entitled “Instagram Marketing and 25 tips how to get more followers”) . Afterwards on the page of article about Instagram Marketing they had to spend there about 2-3 minutes and click another article on Sprawny.Marketing – I wanted to find out if significant number of clicks on that link will improve its Google ranking.

In the comments section for the article Bartek slightly called me out to participate in the discussion, also referring to our test.

Does CTR have an influence on SEO?

According to our test, one can speak of some correlations… yesterday, after Bartek’s text, it was the first time when we took a look at the data with Bartek Berlinski which were gathered in Google Analytics and Google Search Console, there are detailed graphs below:

Does CTR have an influence on SEO

We can see the increase in the traffic from Organica (except for 23rd July, which is the day when the test was carried out). The webinar was held on Thursday evening, right before the weekend; another significant increase can be noticed only as late as on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – however, it is possible that some people checked whether the test had any SEO effect and once again clicked the link to the article about Instagram Marketing.

Another graph from Google Search Console which it is slightly harder to argue with:

graph from Google Search Console

We can clearly see the increase in the average position and CTR of SprawnyMarketing.pl for the phrase: ‘Instagram Marketing’.

What do you think about the results of our test?


Cezary Lech

The Partner & Head of Marketing at MaxROY.com, a consulting agency which has been an official training partner of Google since 2008.The organizer of the SearchMarketingWeek.com training as well as the international conference SearchMarketingDay.com on online marketing – one of the largest events of this kind in East-Central Europe. The author of numerous articles and presentations concerning SEO, Content Marketing as well as other aspects of online marketing.

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