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IAB Europe and Gemius issued a report targeting the internet market in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

CEEIAB Europe along with the Gemius company have published a report entitled “Do you CEE?”. The report gives us an overview of the Central and Eastern European countries’ e-marketing market in 2009. 160 pages of the report show the internet market in detail, providing a lot of interesting information for each country.

The report contains some of the Socio-demographic data about the Internet users, for example: how they behave when being online. It also lists the major market players (including online communities and search engine marketing) and gives information on the main indicators and a comparison of Central and Eastern European countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Ukraine.

The business is increasingly interested in the interactive services of the Central and Eastern European countries’s market.

There hasn’t been such a report yet which describes the incredible size and dynamics of the market. That’s why the IAB and Gemius decided to join their forces and show how important a market of CEE – Central & Eastern Europe may be for the investors.

The report reveals some interesting information on the Polish Internet users. We learn their age, places of residence and how the two factors have changed over time. The report also presents educational structure and occupation of the network users.

Occupation of Polish internet users

Occupation of Polish internet users

source: “Do you CEE?” – report

The website owners may find there some valuable data about the time each surfer spends in the network. The trend is rather stable and we can expect growth in number of users and time spent per user. Internet is a strong competitor for other media – and it’s development is strong in Central and Eastern Europe particularly.


Views and time spent per user monthly

There’s yet another part of the report which is devoted to the rank of Polish social networking sites and search engines. It clearly shows the dominance of two entities – with 13,293 million monthly views and which gained 95.66% of the search engine traffic in the beginning of 2009.

The typical logistic function: users of

The typical logistic function: users of

source: “Do you CEE?” – report

The study for each Central and Eastern European country includes information on the most frequently visited sites, Internet users’ demographic data (age, education, sex, etc.) and operating systems and browsers data. The explanation of graphs provides a detailed commentary on trends. In the summary, we may find some statements of the online marketing environment in different countries.

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