IAB Poland 2008 Report – Polish Internet

IAB Poland 2008 Report – Polish Internet Market

Just a few days ago, an English version of Internet 2008 report was published.

You can downloaded it from http://www.iabpolska.pl/images/Raporty/IAB2008_eng.pdf

There are some information about the trends in Search Engine Marketing.

We would like to describe only the most important aspects of Polish Search Engine Marketing.

  • We formulate longer and longer queries to search engines. 3-7 word queries are more popular now than in the previous year.

“Such situation proves the user’s increasing awareness as regards the search engines capacities. Longer and longer queries are also the answer to constantly increasing resources being gathered in the global network.”

  • Search engines marketing accounts for 23% of expenses spent on marketing in 2008 which stands for the amount of PLN 269.1 mln ($92 mln). It is 84% more than in the previous year.
  • Traffic increase and conversion ratio are two most important factors marketers pay attention to.

  • Brand awareness and direct sale are still the primary objectives for marketers.

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