Importance of Branding in Search Engine Marketing

The TV commercial does not leave strong trail in consumer’s awareness and memory, so our product might be mistaken with its substitute. Especially due to search engines and brand search.

Holiday on Island – Cartoons

Wakacje na wyspie - budowanie marki w wyszukiwarkach cz.1Wakacje na wyspie - budowanie marki w wyszukiwarkach cz.2

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Our cartoon character might not be a geography expert, but in everyday life there are a lot of mistakes like that. Watching a lot of TV commercials of headache pills, chocolate bars, washing powders, yoghurts, mobile phones, corn flakes, beverages, perfumes, shampoons and wonderful holiday destinations, people are confused: which product is better? They are likely to find some information on the Internet. Despite you plan your TV campaign very well, your product may not be chosen, if it is not present in the search engines.

The TV commerical is something like „shots from nowhere”, the Search Engine Marketing we can compare to the shot of a sniper. A call to action mechanism can lead our client to our product, so that he or she will not find what expected, but the thing we want them to find.

Remember, that things we find in the search engines is much more valuable to us than products shown in television.

Conclusion: Brand Building in Search Engines is a must.

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