MaxROY.com – the New Member of IAB Poland

iabSince February 2010 we have became a member of IAB Poland in the branch of SEM and Search Engines. Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) was founded in 1996 roku in USA and is currently working on markets of many countries, including the Polish one since 2000.

IAB Poland numbers 111 members, including MaxROY.com

The outline of IAB activities is compatible with the mission and the activities of MaxROY.com, which are (among others):

  • Creating unique solutions and metodologies enabling the growth of our clients.
  • Active finding and exploring market opportunities on the base of search marketing.
  • Offering effective and economical solutions through:
    • education
    • consulting
    • effective Internet marketing

About IAB Poland

The main tasks of IAB associations is education of the market in the field of Internet marketing.
IAB Poland association has such members as portals, vortals, interactive agencies (such as: Polish Public TV, Google Poland, the biggest 4 Polish portals). Cooperating with research entities and other IAB deparments, it researches into the Internet, organizes the trade meetings and trainings as well as conferences. The researches and the reports provide information on advertising potential in Central and Eastern Europe, while the conferences raise awareness of the dynamic development of WWW.

IAB Poland is a resilient unit of IAB Europe association based in Brussels. The manager of Polish department is Jarosław Sobolewski (connected with the Internet trade for 10 years, the former manager of development of advertising service – gratka.pl.) Jarosław Sobolewski has initiated and organized the research project on AdEx and IAB forum – the biggest Internet conferance in Poland. He is also a Member of  the Board in IAB Europe.

The Polish department consists of 5 workgrops, whose members share their experience and knowledge with each other to accelerate development of the market and increase the professionalism of Internet marketing activities in Poland.

These are the taskforces:

  • SEM (MaxROY.com belongs to this group)
  • Best practice
  • e-mail
  • video
  • interactive agencies board

IAB events and prizes

IAB Poland organizes events such as:

  • IAB Update: Platform meetings for the Internet trade and marketers. Free admission to the meetings, with valuable presentations concerning market’s developlent, is given to the IAB members.
  • IAB Showcase: The series of valuable meetings of marketers and the Internet trade representatives.   The invited people are marketers, the meeting bases on comperative case studies concering the current situation of the market.
  • IAB Meeting: The series of informal meetings, which take place during the summer holidays in chosen places in Poland. Admission free for the members of IAB.
  • Workgroups (group of  E-mail; Marketing group; Video group; Search Engine Marketing group; Interactive Agencies group): 2-hour-long meetings for the members of researching groups. Admission free for the members of IAB.
  • Annual Conference (Forum): 2-day-long congress with foreign guests and Polish best specialists .  Discount for the members.


Mixx Awards awarded in 4 categories:

  • To enter the market with new product image campaign
  • Direct response
  • Best use of new media
  • Best In Show

Apart from it Mixx prize might be awarded in Awards for the following achievements:

  • Lifetime achievements
  • Marketer of the year
  • Agency of the year

MaxROY.com participates in Interactive Advertising Bureau and hopes to actively contribute to properly focused development of the Internet in Poland. It is worth mentioning that we use IAB researches, which help us draw important conclusions for the advertisments and people working in e-business. The participation in this prestigious association of the companies of similar activities and mission will help us enrich our experience.

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