maxroy – an Official Day of Birth :)

In 17th September 2008 company got a number in Polish National Judical Register. Thereby it officially begins its business and starts providing consulting services in the area of search engine marketing.

Almost 5 months after the official birthday of the company we have decided to start the company blog in English. It’s our first post and next week you may expect to see here a titbit – a long interview on SEO with  Google worker.

What Do We Need The Blog For?

We know from experience that it is a wonderful tool to communicate with the environment – our customers, people from the Search Engines Marketing market and those interested in the new ideas of marketing. We have some experience in writing blog on SEM.

It has been almost 3 years. Cezary Lech and Tomasz Frontczak are co-creators of blog which became a popular and advisory brand in Poland. We succeeded in getting a nomination in country-wide competition of Blog of the year organized by the biggest Polish web portal –

During those 3 years, other people i.e. Bartosz Berliński – a co-founder of – joined editorial staff of (which from a simple blog transformed into webservice with an Internet forum and a list of GAP certificates in Poland).

By having company blog we mainy want to find our niche – to keep blog in English by a company from Poland and let English-speaking community of SEM know a few things on specificity of Market of Central and East Europe. Furthermore, we would like to verify our ideas on international forum and reach people from top-managment corporation and indicate them how crucial marketing in search engines is in strategy of companies development.

There is nothing left for you but to add our RRS feed to your reader.

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