Search Marketing Week 2010 Coverage

It has been more than a week since the Search Marketing Week finished. Search Marketing Week, a week of internet marketing trainings, took place May 17 – 21 in Warsaw. At that time, we trained


iab – the New Member of IAB Poland

Since February 2010 we have became a member of IAB Poland in the branch of SEM and Search Engines. Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) was founded in 1996 roku in USA and is currently working on


IAB Poland 2008 Report – Polish Internet

IAB Poland 2008 Report – Polish Internet Market

Just a few days ago, an English version of Internet 2008 report was published. You can downloaded it from There are some information about the trends in Search Engine Marketing. We would like to


brand repuatation in search engines

Brand Reputation in Search Engines

Lies about your brand might be found in search engines. Protect your brand image in Search Engines. This time our cartoon character searches information about his favourite product – look, what happens when he find


Most Popular Sites in Poland

Which site is most popular in Poland?

Polish Internet Research Ltd. (PBI) and research company Gemius S.A., both collaborating in one research project – to investigate the rating of websites and Internet applications in Poland, have just published the results of their


adwords firefox

PPC Firefox Plugin: Visible ID in Google AdWords

An add-on developed by the Polish programmers intended for the advanced Google AdWords campaign users — this simple plug-in makes it possible to see unique account, campaign, groups and creatives numbers on the interface. The


maxroy – an Official Day of Birth :)

In 17th September 2008 company got a number in Polish National Judical Register. Thereby it officially begins its business and starts providing consulting services in the area of search engine marketing. Almost 5 months