Polish Internet 2011 in numbers

In the first half of 2011 almost 237 million EUR were spent on advertising on the Polish Internet. Two million .pl domains were registered and the number of Internet users reached 18 million. Read the year’s review.


220 million EUR
That is how much the Polish online advertising market was worth in the first half of 2011. That is 25% more than in the same period a year earlier, it follows from the IAB AdEx report. During the first six months of 2010 online advertising was worth 175 million EUR.

That is the scale of growth achieved by the Polish advertising market thanks to online advertising. The results for the last two quarters of 2011 might be slightly poorer, suggest IAB Polska’s estimates.

… of Internet users notice misleading advertisements on websites, and almost 70% claim that the wrong choice of offers negatively affects their opinion of a website.


18 milion
That is the number of Internet users in Poland, at least according to the data of the research company comScore. The estimates of lnative companies indicate a slightly smaller number – app. 17 million.

3.7 milion
That is the estimated number of Poles who use mobile Internet, the fastest growing form of Internet access. According to the results of the Mobile Exposure Polska research published at the end of last year and conducted for Orange by TNS Global, 11% of Poles at the age of 15+ declare they use this form of Internet.

That is how many polish Internet users download software from illegal sources. Out of the 32 examined countries, Poland ranks only 16. Developing countries have a much higher piracy rate, follows from the research by Business Software Alliance.

6.8 billion EUR
That was the value of the whole Polish IT market last year. The amount is equivalent to the growth dynamics of the level of 11%.


That is the number of Polish companies that were included in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 ranking. The Polish field is led by Netmedia S.A., whose operating revenue grew by 3,640 % in the last five years. Several ranks below is Inwestycje.pl, with its growth of 2,719 %.

That is how many shares in the online bookstore Gandalf.com.pl were taken over by Empik. The company invested in the website after the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) refused its consent to the taking over of Merlin.pl by the leader of the Polish multimedia market. The turnover of Gandalf in 2010 amounted to 4.9 million EUR and that is why in this case the consent of the Office was not required.

6,300 EUR
That is the average amount that a CFO of a Polish advertising agency earns, follows from the research by Stowarzenie Agencji Reklamowych (The Advertising Agencies’ Association). A creative director earns 5,400 EUR monthly. Advertising agencies have increased the salaries for on average 34 positions in their company, while at the same time the salaries for 28 other positions have been cut.

Social media

1 046 317
That is the number of fans the most popular Polish Facebook fanpage Demotywatory has.

7 112 020
That is the number of Facebook users in Poland (as of December). 2011 was a very profitable year for the website. Since half of the year the number grew by over a million. Poland now occupies the 24th position in the global ranking of all countries on Facebook.

Every third inhabitant of Poland with access to the Internet also has a Facebook profile.

13 million
That is how many active users Nasza Klasa (a Polish equivalent of Facebook) has every month. According to Megapanel (a Polish Internet research), the website is visited by app. 12 million real users each month.


1.75 billion EUR
That is how much Poles will spend in e-shops by the end of the year, as per the estimates of the company Euromonitor.

That is the proportion of the whole trade market in Poland taken up by e-commerce. This is more than in the previous years, yet Poland’s performance in this field is still substantially below the European average.

That is the number of e-shops on the Polish market according to the research group TNZ OBOP. That is 1.5 thousand more as compared with the previous year. The clothing industry boasts the largest number of new e-shops, 17% of which sell clothes and shoes.

67.5 milion EUR
That is the total amount saved by the users of Groupon thanks to its coupons. Groupon is the largest group buying website in Poland. The users of its Polish rival Gruper.pl in turn saved over 19 million EUR.


That is the proportion of online purchases that are made using mobile devices, tells Grzegorz Wójcik, the chairman of the largest company on the Polish e-commerce market – Allegro Group. All activities connected with m-commerce are still experiments, including Allegro’s mobile application. However, the m-commerce market is developing fast.

That is the number of Poles who access their bank account via their cell phone. They make up 3.5% of all bank customers. Of those who declared knowing what mobile banking is, more than 80% have neved used it, calculated the institute Homo Momini in their research for mBank.

That is how many Poles own a smartphone. Smartphones are mainly bought for personal use (66% of the informants) or for company use (13.5%), relatively often as part of a pre-paid service (23%)

[source: Polski internet 2011 w liczbach]

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