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PPC Firefox Plugin: Visible ID in Google AdWords

An add-on developed by the Polish programmers intended for the advanced Google AdWords campaign users — this simple plug-in makes it possible to see unique account, campaign, groups and creatives numbers on the interface. The process runs on user’s PC, hence no additional information is downloaded or dispatched.

The plug-in is particularly handy in the following areas:

  • while working with AdWords API,
  • while communication with Google support – a unique ID needs to be provided instead of keying in a campaign name.

– In fact, you may check all this information by moving the cursor over the link related to a campaign/group etc (a link which contains ID is shown on the FF status bar). However, this plug-in shows the information immediately below the given element’s name. With the ID available, you can navigate faster and your work is simplified. Given that the fact it is a dev version, to have this plug-in installed you need to be registered in a mozilla service — says Przemyslaw Szczerbicki, an AdWords API Developer in

Please keep in mind that this plug-in is not a Google product and is beta-tested now, however every effort has been made for it to run correctly. The plug-in is available for Firefox browsers only.

You may download it from:

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