Search Marketing Week 2010 Coverage

It has been more than a week since the Search Marketing Week finished. Search Marketing Week, a week of internet marketing trainings, took place May 17 – 21 in Warsaw. At that time, we trained 200 people during 9 training sessions. Now let us recap what was happening at SMW 2010.

Why did we arrange Search Marketing Week?

As we have been training people since October 2008 when we signed an agreement with Google to conduct trainings on Google AdWords. Later we added SEO trainings to our offer. Enthusiastic feedback encouraged us to expand our trainining formula. We branded this expanded formula as Search Marketing Week. The changes included new topics (e-mail marketing, e-commerce, web analytics, social media marketing, web usability) and inviting our partners (Ideacto, ShopLab, Freshmail, Maciej Budzich, Webmedia Group, Przemysław Modrzewski). SMW is a cyclic and comprehensive training event in the field of internet marketing led by experts in their fields.

When the idea of the week came into being and was materialising with successive organisational issues being arranged, we got down to promotion. At this stage we learnt above all that a well-targeted mailing campaign – contrary to popular belief – can be really successful. We were also happy to see how effective our Facebook ad was. In promoting SMW we have used video materials and Google Content Network, and received support from bloggers, including Maciej Budzich:
mediafun promuje

Jacek Gadzinowski:

SEM o Poranku:
SEM o Poranku promuje

Did we succeed with our promotional efforts? Let us just say that we eventually trained 200 people, among others representatives of such reputable companies as Agora, Presspublika, Polskapresse (publishers of the biggest polish opinion-forming daily newspapers, Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita, Polska the Times respectively), MRM Worldwide, UNICEF, Empik, QXL Poland (the owner of, “polish eBay”).

The event started on Monday, May 17, at 9.30 a.m.
Getting to the site was easy. The office block Rondo One, where we the event was held, is in the very centre of Warsaw. It takes only 5 minutes by foot to get there from the Central Warsaw station.
SMW entrance

On the first day we covered the topic of e-mail marketing. Paweł Sala from Freshmail talked among others about using persuasive language in mailings. He also pointed out factors contributing to the effectiveness of mailing. In US it is a good email header, in Europe – the sender (and the importance of the sender’s credibility will become even more important in the era of SPAM).

On the second day Wojtek Kyciak and Piotr Jarosz talked about e-commerce. According to the research they quoted, the decisive factor in choosing an online store by customers is – apart from the price – the store’s brand. It is then crucial to come up with a good name (memorable, rather than common, for example instead of and later take care of the high quality of customer service. They also gave 4 pieces of advice on how to choose your industry well:

  • you have to offer a better price than off-line,
  • the customer should need the product regularly,
  • the customer should need a complementary product,
  • you can use a common customers database (several stores).

On the third day, during the training on usability conducted by Tomek Karwatka from Ideacto/Divante, you could learn for example that it is better if the girl in the picture is looking at the button that we want the customers to click than at the customers themselves. The practical part in the form of tests on users was very informative. One person from the audience gave their website address (e.g. an online store), some one else was asked to carry out a task by the computer, such as pretend they wanted to buy something. After that, the instructor commented on the mistakes in the make-up of the website.

The third and fourth day are also the days of SEO and SEO PRO tranings based on case studies and carried out in the new form of closed workshops for only a dozen of people.

On Friday, the last day, during the training on social media marketing Maciej Budzich known for his blog took the stage. He talked about the specificity of Polish social media and how patterns used in social media in for example US or UK cannot always be transferred to Poland. He also pointed out the most common mistakes made by social marketers.

At the same time Bartek Berliński and Przemek Modrzewski carried out a training on Google Analytics, which gathered almost 40 participants.

Now, to make the picture full, some photos:
seach marketing week tomek frontczak
Tomasz Frontczak answering questions

Paweł Sala during the e-mail marketing training

AdWords training for the advanced

Bartek Berliński discussing a case study during the SEO PRO training

Cezary Glijer’s case study during the SEO PRO training search-marketing-week-maxroycom6
Discussion panel during the Google AdWords training

We are thinking about the next event, details coming soon!

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