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SearchMarketingDay 2013 Report


In 2013, after 5 years of economic crisis, Polish Prime Minister announced the end of recession.  However for us 2013 definitely wasn’t a year of stagnation. On the contrary – it was very eventful period. Maxroy invites you to the next edition of Search Marketing Day!

Biggest SEO conference in Central Europe: SearchMarketingDay


27 and 28 June 2013. 2 days of presentations, meetings, lectures and workshops. 30 speakers from 11 countries discussed 12 topics on SEO Heroes path and 17 topics on SEO Alternatives path. For SearchMarketingDay (SMD) team is was a long journey: many months of preparations and often overtime work. However now we can proudly say that we managed to gather lecturers and attendees from 4 continents. Our team participated in a famous and renowned event!

For starters – let’s say a few words about organizing conference this year. As opposed to earlier editions, SearchMarketingDay 2013 consisted not only of conference but also SEM fair. Taking advantage of the new location, we created opportunity for our attendees to meet speakers and exhibitors – 13 companies that attended first SEM fair in Poznan. Conference attendees found that idea interesting and next year there will be possibility to participate as exhibitor during SearchMarketingDay.

SMD floor

SearchMarketingDay 2013

The venue of SMD 2013 was Poznan International Fair (Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie), located next to railroad station PKP Poznań Główny. Prestigious location with most modern conference hall in Poznan and infrastructure of Earth Room (Sala Ziemi) of MTP ensured comfort of participants. This year attendees had plenty of space and time to converse without meeting guests of Multikino. Next year we’ll also meet at a prestigious location!

This year was special – number of speakers and participants was record high. Although Earth Room with capacity of 2.500 persons wasn’t completely filled, were satisfied as the event grows every year. SearchMarketingDay seminars were led by 30 speakers from 11 countries. Our guests from abroad praised Polish hospitality and multinational attendees.

Welcome Pack

SearchMarketingDay – Welcome Pack for Anders Hjorth

SEO Alternatives – avant-garde of RTB/PPC/Inbound Marketing

The third edition of SMD was the first time when we created SEO Alternatives path. SEO Alternatives show different (than SEO) ways of finding customers online. This path consisted of 17 talks including 8 presentations about PPC/RTB/Inbound marketing.

The first SEO Alternatives speech was delivered by Sean Malseed from SEO Quake/SEM Rush. His 30-minute address dealt with planning PPC campaign based on experiences of competitors.

The next speaker was Evgenii „Geno” Prussakov of Moldovan/Russian/American heritage. He presented affiliate marketing opportunities and newest trends. The author of AMNavigator blog turned out to be a great speaker with broad knowledge and experience. The audience was impressed by Mr Prussakov presentation and Affiliate Program training session. The participants obtained many useful informations and expanded their knowledge. Geno Prussakov contended that nowadays affiliate marketing is not just a marketing channel or alternative way of getting traffic, but integral part of marketing mix.

Geno Prussakov

Geno Prussakov Superstar

Konstantin Kanin, our colleague at Maxroy, was the third speaker of SEO Alternatives path. Belarussian specialist, author of Pozycjonowanie.ru blog. presented PPC opportunities on the Russian Internet. We’d like to remind you about his excellent article about search engines and Internet advertising in Russia, published on SprawnyMarketing.pl

After short pause, RTB specialists took the stage. Anders Hjorth, owner of SEM BDBL Media in Paris appeared first. In his speech he comprehensively presented subject of RTB (real time bidding) and optimization opportunities for BDBL Media clients.

Anders Hjorth

Anders Hjorth during his speech at SEO Alternatives

All subsequent SEO Alternatives speeches were made by the Polish. Tomasz Przybyłowicz from Httpool discussed Internet marketing platforms. Then appeared Mateusz Sobieraj from MediaVerse. During his 30 minute speech he encouraged audience to try out Real-Time Bidding and gave advice how to succeed in that field.

Then came another pause during which our experts presented their tools and answered questions from the audience. Afterwards Radosław Grzelaczyk, social media marketing expert, showed how to get more Facebook Likes and protect FB fanpages.

Radosław Grzelaczyk

Radosław Grzelaczyk – SEO Alternative expert

Then came speech by Tomasz Frontczak. Founder of MaxROY.com showed advanced tips and tricks for PPC on Facebook. Presentation was based on his own experience and experiments conducted during his Facebook campaigns.

Final speeches were made by members of PPC/RTB/Inbound Marketing companies: Marta Lech-Maciejewska from iBillboard, Michał Kaczmarek from AdTaily, Włas Chorowiec from Lead Bullet, Łukasz Duda from AdKontekst, Mariusz Pawełczyk from Sociomantic, Jakub Cyran from Go.pl and Tomasz Przybyłowicz & Bartosz Krajewski from httpool (they presented IgnitionOne and Buddy Media).


What happened at SEO Heroes?

Firstly, we’d like to mention that for that event we invited two passionate bloggers : Artur Strzelecki (SilesiaSEM.pl) and Marta Gryszko (lexy.com.pl/Blog). They both wrote detailed reports from the first day of conference, focused on SEO Heroes path. We invite you to read both reviews.

The audience evaluated most positively presentations by Razvan Gavrilas, Ralph Tegtmeier, Dominik Wojcik, Marcus Tober and Konstantin Kanin. Most attendees agreed that all that speeches complemented each other offering many valuable tips and pieces of advice.

SEO Heroes path began with presentation by Dan Petrovic from DejanSEO. He dealt with subject of automatisation of White Hat SEO. Australian expert showed how to manage data for big websites by using tools created by Google and other companies. Dan also revealed a certain method of getting high quality links. By monitoring competitors Dan detected links leading to nonexistent domains. He registered these domains and redirected links from new domains to website of his client.

Dan Petrovic

Dan Petrovic gives interview to TVP Poznań

Ralph „Fantomaster” Tegtmeier was the next speaker. Experienced and witty German SEO specialist dealt with subject of „cloaking 3.0″. Mr Tegtmeier described a „100% bulletproof”, quick and efficient cloaking method. According to Ralph cloaking 3.0 is based on lack of connection between website A and website B, that is a clone of website A. This can be achieved by generating as much as possible shadow domains that are supposed to redirect traffic to domain B. Such a campaign quickly brings results, but requires a lot of nerve.

Razvan Gavrilas attended the first SearchMarketingDay in 2011. This year Razvan came again and surprised everyone… by losing 20 kgs. Romanian expert examined subject of unnatural links and Google penalties. Razvan made suggestions about desirable number of links, backlinks analysis and creating own brand. He also gave tips about using Disavow tool pointing out that it should be utilized mostly on unnatural links. You can view Razvan’s presentation on his blog.

Razvan Gavrilas

Razvan 20 kg lighter

The next speaker of SEO Heroes path was Josh Bachynski, who also led a workshop the following day. Canadian’s presentation was focused on Panda – the second most frequent change in Google algorithm. Author made a detailed analysis based on data from Google Analytics and MOZ’s list of updates. Bachynski pointed out that reaction on falling keyword positions should be reasonable and take into account algorithm updates.

Marina Khaustova from SEO Pult presented SEO history in RuNet countries. Russian speaking countries are dominated by Yandex search engine, Google’s influence is relatively weak. SEO for Yandex is quite different – Russian search engine doesn’t punish SEO activities like Google. Ms Khaustova also demonstrated functionalities of SEO Pult system that covers 65% of Russian market.

Marina Khaustova

Marina Khaustova – SEO Pult

Stephen Burns, co-founder of blekko search engine, based on principle of „no spam search”, described how he created this search engine and how it works. The story of blekko started in a garage – and involved of small group of friends, just like in many famous American projects. The newest contribution of blekko team is izik – search engine for mobile devices.

The next speech was delivered by Dominik Wojcik, who was present also on earlier editions of SMD as well as SEO PRO training. Polish-German specialist also known as BoeserSEO explained how he managed to quickly create a new website and index 1.000.000 subpages. This task was purportedly a result of wager, which by the way was won by Dominik. During creation of a website he decided that it shouldn’t look like microsite and therefore he used an elegant graphic design template and wrote his own script. In order to generate trust & credibility he embedded Analytics code and verified website on Webmaster Tools. Mr Wojcik showed many tips & tricks that inspired and impressed audience. SearchMarketingDay attendees liked especially disabling back button in browser, and Mr Wojcik provided a code for such a functionality.

Presentation by Marcus Tober from SearchMetrics was also successful. Marcus demonstrated survey concerning Google ranking factors based on Polish data and compared them with similar survey conducted few years earlier. According to newest data, in Poland social media mentions make lesser impact than in the USA. Links are still most important, especially those from Polish websites. Marcus noted, that according to Matt Cutts, quality of links is getting more and more important. Links quality is getting more relevant than their number and even diversity.   Case study of a certain German website proved, that radical changes in linking structure – especially removing weakest links and obtaining strong links give a chance to get rid of Google penalty in times of Penguin updates.

Marcus Tober

Marcus Tober was busy even during pause

SearchMarketingDay 2013 was attended also by old friends. Dixon Jones appeared for the third time. In his speech Dixon demonstrated how to predict future by monitoring links. Watching links makes possible e.g. to foresee election results. You can find more info about such political forecasting in article on Sprawny Marketing.

The next speaker was Maik Metzen, a colleague of Andre Alpara from AKM3 who previously appeared on SMD. Maik discussed SEO and affiliate marketing. In his speech Metzen warned affiliates about unnatural links. Many websites contain such links. However the best strategy is to create your own brand by long-term activities.

Gareth Hoyle discussed detection on unnatural links. This apparently easy task gets more complicated when we have a extensive link network. Gareth introduced Link Risk tool, that conducts link audit and estimates Google penalty risk. His presentation appeared on SlideShare.

The last SEO Heroes presentation was given by afomentioned Konstantin Kanin from Belarus. He presented arcana of Yandex SEO. Everyone interested in Russian SEO should remember that Yandex is a regional search engine and consider what region is target of our activities. Russian search engine treats link building in completely different way than Google. According to Yandex, every website that can afford advertising campaigns and buying links is regarded as serious business and therefore deserves good positions in SERPs.

The conference concluded with vivid panel discussion, during which most active were German SEO specialists. Especially intense were exchanges between Ralph Tegtmeier and Marcus Tober.

Discussion Panel

SearchMarketingDay – after the conference

The following day our guests conducted two trainings at City Park Residence. SEO PRO training in English was run by Dan Petrovic & Josh Bachynski. There was also training in Polish called
“Programy Partnerskie: Mówimy jak jest” (Affiliate Programs: We tell it like it is” run by Marcin Kosedowski, Łukasz Gołębniak and Bartosz Berliński. 


SEO PRO training at City Park Residence

Affiliate Program Training

Affiliate Program Training at City Park Residence

Besides conference, trainings and fair our guests were invited to a few receptions including before and after party. The weather was good and SearchMarketingDay guests enjoyed it during their stay. We will take care of weather for the next SMD too!

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