SERP WARS „Googlers revenge”

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Nodi knights after the last battle, in which they were fighting for position and local planets’ influence in Googlesant system, are returning to their native bases. The Quality Federation not accepting a present order, unexpectedly started blocking planets of the Rebellion. The Masters of Nodi Order that managed to survive called a meeting to discuss possibilities of finding a quick solution to the conflict…

From far away Nanibu, the Queen escorted by Star Destroyers arrives in Nodi Temple. The most powerful Nodi Master says, “The influence of the Big John I feel. Be careful, we must.”

The drama continues, the traffic on many planets dropped sharply. Senators of planets started to ask the Rebellion for support, visiting the Order one after another and begging for help over a blockade removal.  The situation was dramatic, the panic of merchants and tradesmen got out of control, while a henchman of the Council President sent a trusted knight to pay an unofficial visit to Polandus. His mission was to work on new fighting techniques with the Federation’s algorithmic blockade system. It was suspected that there is someone else behind the actions of the Federation that underwent pressure of imperialists, who strive for increasing  their influences by creating new toll routes and decreasing the importance of organic traffic. Blocked trade routes successfully forced the Alliance’s legation to use unprofitable and expensive interorbital routes.

At the same time, Nodi, who was on Polandus, went to a top-secret base of the Rebellion in order to verify the calculation results of working there droids. Tests went through successfully. In a holographic message from spaceship, The Master replies, “Our ally, the power of links is, and a powerful ally, it still remains.”

A war was nearer and nearer. The dark and mighty John Lord, possessed a huge power and personally controlled the project of separating Googlesant. He was supported by the army of Startroopers (clones that previously served the Republic) and he didn’t plan to carry out one massive attack on the Alliance’s spaceships and planets that posed a threat to him. The Empire had a strategy that neither the Master, nor Luk, nor Han Freelances, nor Niebaka were able to predict… The order of planets is to be changed again. This time forever.

Will knights of the light side of the Force stop vicious plans of the Emperor? Will young Padawans and the Alliance’s army defend the Galaxy from the dark side of the Force and the Quality Federation’ betrayal? You will find it out in the next episode of the SERP WARS saga.

A citizen of the Galaxy! Do you manage a planet and you care about its position in the Googlesant System?  Join the Alliance! We will remove the Federation’s blockade and defend you from the Emperor’s army, cause – The purity of the light side of the Force, to a victory lead us must.


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