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Short report from first SEO training

The first SEO training organized on June 25 by has been finished. Preparing all the details has been more time-consuming than we have expected. Thanks to the commitment of the whole team we have succeeded. The result of our efforts is 45 trained participants!!!

Lecture room and ParticipantsAdditional materials for the SEO courseIDs for the SEO course

Due to a high interest in our SEO training of people from somewhere around Warsaw, we have chosen a suitable location (a fully equipped Rondo Conference Center near Warsaw Central Rail Station). We have not forgotten about the training materials of a good quality (printed materials and corporate pen drives) and, of course, a friendly atmosphere

It has been quite a challenge to promote our course. We have built our promotion on Sprawny Marketing’s brand name (our Polish blog about SEM) and the community gathered around this website. The effect has been surprising – after the first post about SEO course had appeared on our blog, the discussion about the course has started in different places on the Internet, for example on During the advertising campaign concerning our SEO course, we have used traditional methods as well as tested a few of the new forms of reaching our target group.

  • Ads on Flaker (Polish lifestreaming and mikrobloging platform)
  • Ads on blogs in AdTaily network
  • RSS advertising
  • Contests and notes on industry blogs
  • Information in newsletters
  • Offline advertising
  • Google AdWords campaigns
  • Banners on forums
  • Patronages
  • Press releases
  • Mailing

Among our participants there were a few representatives from big companies such as Young & Rubicam, or Ernst and Young. We had also got a few companies and agencies from Internet marketing industry as guests (eg. Eactive, Netiznes or Redefine). It was a nice surprise when we found out that Cezary Glijer had enrolled to our course. He has been working in this industry since 1997 and as a result he knows the industry from the very beginning.

At the end of the course the atmosphere was really great (brainstorming, mutual answering for the questions and really interesting and inspiring Cezary Glijer discourses’). More than 1,5h we freely discussed. It was clear that Polish Internet marketing industry needs to start sharing experience and opinions.

Our discussion panel lasted almost two hours. During which the administrator and owner of – Michał Makaruk – has showed up.  That is the biggest SEO community in Poland. The whole course took more than 10 hours (no one expected that). We hope that the atmosphere from discussion panel will be the same in our new forum.

Bartek Berliński SEO course: SPAM presetationTomek Frontczak signing his bookCezary Glijer and Discussion PanelDiscussion Panel and and Michał Makaruk as a guest and main specialistTomek Frontczak in the background of's roll-upVideocast z Cezarym Glijerem

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