How Social Media impacts SEO? Do-follow links from Google+

TL;DR Have you ever thought about the fact, why in Search Metrics Ranking Factors 2014, a number of +1 from Google+ is on a third place in correlation to positions in Google? Google +1 equals dofollow links! Read more below…

When we talk about a direct impact of social media on SEO, a key question is not:

“Does Social Media impacts SEO?”


“Is it possible to get dofollow links from social media platforms, which will be indexed by Google and simultaneously will affect website’s position?”

The impact of Social Media on SEO through dofollow links

Preparing to a newly redesinged and refreshed training, I did a vast research on this subject, and today I am going to present you one of methods for getting a dofollow link from Google+.

As you might have read many times, according to Search Metrics, there is a high correlation between CTR and SEO, which I wrote about in this article, but also between Google organic search results  (SEO) and e.g. a number of Google +1:


The number +1 is a third place and correlates with positions even stronger than a number of backlinks!

Where a correlation between +1 and Google positions come from?

+1s may be dofollow links = they directly impact results and positions in Google’s SERPs!

Firstly, it is worth mentioning that not every Google+ profile shares public information about its +1, consequently not every profile can link by a dofollow link to external pages. Many individuals, nevertheless, share this information, distributing Google+ pages dofollow links. Below you can see dofollow links from +1 linking to from my G+ profile.



How to get the strongest link from Google Plus?

When we do have dofollow links from Google +, how to get the strongest link from this platform?
Type in Google a command: inurl:plusones, and before our eyes emerges a list of the strongest profiles (that have the highest PageRank) on Google Plus:

more than-500-thousand-indexed-profiles-plusones-on-google-plus


The mechanism works in that way that every follower of a profile gives this followed profile internal dofollow link. In this way it also affects pagerank = the more followers, the stronger internal pagerank of a website and therefore the stronger a dofollow link from an aggregating subpage. Below, you can see that Google has 9’028’166 followers and the same number of internal links.



If we want to check, which +1 are indexed and link to our domain, we use a follwoing commend: inurl:plusones

E.g. inurl:plusones



Google+ is only one of many websites that may serve to getting dofollow links to our website.

As we have worked out methods to get dofollow links from:

…and many more strongest domains in the Internet.

Originally the article posted on Sprawny Marketing.


Cezary Lech

The Partner & Head of Marketing at, a consulting agency which has been an official training partner of Google since 2008.The organizer of the training as well as the international conference on online marketing – one of the largest events of this kind in East-Central Europe. The author of numerous articles and presentations concerning SEO, Content Marketing as well as other aspects of online marketing.

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