Which site is most popular in Poland?

Polish Internet Research Ltd. (PBI) and research company Gemius S.A., both collaborating in one research project – to investigate the rating of websites and Internet applications in Poland, have just published the results of their inspection for May 2009. The method is based on the panel of Internet users, who are being observed continually. The goal of that project is to create the rank of popular Polish sites and to determine their advertising marketability.

The rank of domains according to monthly range:

Rank Name Number of Real Users Short description
1. google.pl 14 892 178
2. nasza-klasa.pl 11 560 638 Polish biggest social network service
3. onet.pl 11 331 313 Portal
4. google.com 10 353 758
5. allegro.pl 10 206 108 Polish largest auction service
6. wp.pl 9 684 923 Portal
7. youtube.com 8 929 811
8. wikipedia.org 8 344 830
9. interia.pl 8 009 576 Portal
10. gazeta.pl 6 679 960 Portal and service of one of biggest Polish newspaper
11. microsoft.com 4 868 869
12. wrzuta.pl 4 590 979 File-sharing site, belongs to o2.pl portal
13. o2.pl 4 510 656 Portal
14. zumi.pl 4 171 140 Internet localizer with Polish map. Property of onet.pl
15. blogspot.com 4 000 001
16. pf.pl 3 754 759 Polish “Yellow Pages” Site
17. blox.pl 3 666 963 Blog site, belongs to portal Gazeta.pl
18. otomoto.pl 3 648 767 Moto auctions site – property of Allegro.pl
19. ceneo.pl 3 473 638 Price comparing site, belongs to Allegro.pl
20. money.pl 3 304 126 Polish Business Portal

The table presented above displays twenty most popular Polish sites. Among them we may find the biggest Polish social network service, which unites ¼ of Polish population (nasza-klasa.pl – meaning „our class-mates”) as well as the biggest portals and auction services. Polish Internet is in the permanent progress. It can be said, that a few biggest portals have comparable pieces of market and there is still a long way to monopoly any of them, but the market of social sites and auctions are dominated by nasza-klasa.pl and allegro.pl (and its properties) relatively. The situation does not seem to change in the near future. The new entrance will be difficult.

We can observe the curious situation in Poland and wait for another „entrance of the dragon” which would change the rather stable situation in Polish Internet.

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