WordPress Blog SEO Optimization – case study

WordPress Blog SEO Optimization – case study: Gadzinowski.pl


Jacek Gadzinowski, the owner and the editor of www.gadzinowski.pl blog („The Communication Trepanation of the Skull – Blog”) has recently turned to us with a request to explore his website from the standpoint of SEO.

Jacek had noted that the number of visits from Google was very low and he has been right to turn towards optimization of his website.

The next section of the article clearly shows our assumptions concerning the audit and a bit of data from our study.

At the beginning a few words about Google Analytics; a brief analysis of traffic from Google, before the implementation of the SEO Audit.

At the start of SEO Audit, number of web pages indexed by Google in the Gadzinowski.pl domain was 458 sub-pages, but our tool has noticed a total of 752 sub-pages available for indexing. Over 40% of sub-pages was not classified in the Google search index!


Traffic from search engines is currently only 4 percent of traffic on the blog.

The number of sub-sites consisted of:

  • 605 tags!
  • 97 articles
  • 24 sites of pagination
  • 18 categories
  • A few pages of the menu

Before every unusual SEO audit, we ask ourselves two questions:

1. Which sub-pages are most important for us, or what content we wish to promote to reach high rank on Google.

The answer is:
The articles

We must therefore consider the structure to forward the maximum power to more than 100 of the existing articles! The articles are of the highest value on this blog, so Google’s attention should be focused on the content.

2. How do we choose a navigation scheme – Tags or categories?

At the start of Gadzinowski.pl SEO Audit there was a kind of split personality – two types of navigation on a page: 18 categories and over 600 sub-pages tags! Those two types of navigation created the problem. There were 6 times more tags describing the items than the text! It was easier to review all 96 articles than verify 600 tags! The categories were so general that no one could really know what they might contain. The existence of the category names in the top ten Google search results were totally impossible, a similar problem has also affected parts of the tags.

Our answer is:

* Navigation should be based on the tags, so we removed the categories.

Tags – Tag SEO Theory

Good SEO tag must comply with the following conditions:

* Must be searched on Google
* Must be general enough to describe a number of articles
* Must come from the so-called Middle Tail (2-3 words)
* Must be reasonably easy to position by linking the internal pages

Good tag must come from the so-called. Middle Tail, which is 2-3 words

Good tag must come from the so-called. Middle Tail, which is 2-3 words

Among the 605 tags were such general keywords as: business, highways, Doda (Polish singer), reviews, football, USA, Poland, etc. In short these, tags have no chance to be highly ranked .

Only 44 of the 605 tags had position in the Google top 100 for the www.gadzinowski.pl domain:

Position in Google of the tags – gadzinowski.pl

Position in Google of the tags – gadzinowski.pl

Although we chose a navigation scheme on the tags, in the first step we removed more than 350 tags from the entire list of 605 tags. They had not had a chance to be positioned by Google, or had not met other guidelines.

Then our copywriter started tagging all the articles. With the help of Google Keyword Research Tool we established the potential of each tag in terms of search. The result was 195 SEO tags meeting these requirements. In further steps, we tried to concentrate as much power of SEO on these tags as possible.

Selecting tags for navigation, we accept the assumption that the blog should get high positions in the query by the name of tags, rather than the name of posts. Jacek Gadzinowski has freedom of the creation of headers because the tags will attract the traffic from Google.

PageRank Sculpting

Situation before SEO audit

This screen presents the sites most strongly Linked to Gadzinowski.pl. These are the websites that, in the Google’s point of view, are most valuable.

Power of linking was focused on these pages:

  • www.gadzinowski.pl
  • /Jacek-Gadzinowski/
  • /Speeches/
  • /Feed/
  • /Comments/feed/

Let us recall at this point, which pages we want the most!? The articles?! The tags?! If so, why these sites are not linked?!

How have we resolved it?

We have done it with new PageRank Scultping method – the area tag, (that is specifically described by me in the SprawnyMarketing.pl blog). Thanks to this tag Google ignores such links as:

  • More about me
  • Posts
  • Who is reading your blog?
  • Offer
  • Blogroll (but only on the home page)
  • Feed’s RSS: Comments posts (deleted)

All these links have received much more attention than they actually deserved (a lot of internal links).

Deleted sub-pages:

  • /Comments/feed/ – we deleted “comments” and excluded „feed” from indexing
  • /Category/ – we removed and used 301 redirect to subsite / tags /
  • 700 URLs of tags have been rebuilt or removed and redirected (301) to the main page tags.

Home page

Most of the links from other sites led to the home page only. The home page has also got a link to each sub-site of gadzinowski.pl. That is why, every link on the home page must be well thought out.

For these reasons, we tried to keep as closely as possible to control the number of links located at the gadzinowski.pl main domain:

  • Removal of links to categories and redirecting them to the main page of tags (/ tag /)
  • Removal of Blogroll – from the website and archive and tags from the home page (on the main page blogroll in the “area tag” – invisible to Google)

Blogroll should remain if  there are a lot of users on the article pages and should disappear if we have to pay attention to the number of links (the tags, archive, home – a strong website which has often more than 100 links)

In the new internal linking structure we wanted to provide maximum power for (in the order):

  • Home page
  • Articles
  • Tags
  • Archives

After the change home Link only three types of pages. Articles, tags and archives.
Distribution of PageRank after the implementation of SEO Audit:

Distribution of PageRank after the implementation of SEO Audit

URLs and 301 Redirects
We changed all the addresses on the site. Main error which was repeated throughout the site in each URL was / index.php /. The URLs looked unattractive. In the new structure, the content has the correct address. Of course, all the old URLs redirect “301″ to a new URL.

Site Archives
One website archive pages without pagination, which reduced the power of PageRank. Archive work at the moment as the site map – contains links to all 100 published articles.

Tag Site
No tag will not be neglected! One of the most strongly linked subpages on the site – a list of links to all the tags on the page – the second element designed similarly to a site map. Tags are sorted from most to least frequently used, the same links that are higher in the code are indexed more often and quickly.

In conclusion: Gadzinowski.pl after changes:
– Tags: 195
– Over 100 articles
– About 10 different subpages

In the audit we prepared much more detailed changes. I think this article contains the core idea that accompanied the changes we have introduced. We hope that many bloggers will revise the structure of their blogs according to these guidelines.

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Cezary Lech

The Partner & Head of Marketing at MaxROY.com, a consulting agency which has been an official training partner of Google since 2008.The organizer of the SearchMarketingWeek.com training as well as the international conference SearchMarketingDay.com on online marketing – one of the largest events of this kind in East-Central Europe. The author of numerous articles and presentations concerning SEO, Content Marketing as well as other aspects of online marketing.

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